5 Nothing Phone(1) features that should scare Apple

A several weeks back, the news broke loose that there was a model new smartphone on the block on the lookout to make an impression. With an Android operating method and a one of a kind design, the Absolutely nothing Phone(1) collected a large amount of awareness and has piqued our curiosity. 

Now, Absolutely nothing formally introduced the cell phone with a keynote all about the impending cell launch. At initially glance, the structure looks really related to the Apple iphone, but in actuality, it couldn’t be any a lot more unique. The Practically nothing Cellphone (1) (opens in new tab) is becoming introduced on 21 July 2022 from Convent Back garden, London, commencing from just £399. We’ve rounded up some of the Absolutely nothing Telephone(1)’s most intriguing features that have bought me excited about the cell phone, and could give Apple a run for its cash. 

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