TLP Islamists destroy Samsung billboards in Karachi over

Dozens of Islamists belonging to extremist Barelvi organisation Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) unleashed mayhem in the cellular market place of Karachi, Pakistan, after rumours of an alleged blasphemy in opposition to the firm. The protestors tore down the billboards of Samsung in the cell industry in the town and indulged in vandalism following they read that the enterprise has committed ‘blasphemy’ versus Islam.

The protests have been not minimal to the cellular market as billboards in various spots across the city faced the ire of the offended TLP customers.

Initial rumours circulating about the incident stated that Samsung experienced released a QR code on its products which is blasphemous. Subsequent this, the Islamists took to the streets of Karachi and began attacking the company’s billboards.

Nevertheless, afterwards on, a new rumour commenced circulating that the ‘blasphemy’ was committed by an employee of Samsung Cell who had given a ‘blasphemous’ title to his WiFi network.

When no one is sure what was the precise ‘blasphemy’ that was dedicated, it has not stopped TLP extremists from generating mayhem on the streets of Karachi venting their anger from Samsung Mobile.

Blasphemy by QR codes is not a thing new in Pakistan

Previous year on December 31, a Pakistani male threatened American behemoth Pepsi for printing a QR code with the name of Prophet Muhammad on its 7UP bottles.

The person threatened a Pepsi company’s truck driver with dire consequences if the QR Code on a 7 UP delicate consume bottle is not eliminated by the corporation. On enquiring, the person, who discovered himself as Mulla, insisted that the QR code is basically the name of Prophet Muhammad and if the company does not eliminate the emblem he will melt away the truck.

Blasphemy in Pakistan

Pakistan has experienced widespread communal violence and riots in excess of perceived blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad. An unfavourable reference to Prophet Muhammad, or what is referred to as ‘Blasphemy,’ is usually employed by Islamists as a rallying cry to dedicate violence and communal rioting towards ‘non-believers.’ There have been myriad stories of violence and barbarity dedicated against non-Muslims in the name of blasphemy and desecration of Prophet Muhammad.

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